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Welcome to Virtual Camp La-No-Che!

Check out the video below to help you make your way around camp!

How to Navigate Around Camp

Here are some helpful steps to make sure you can find your way around camp this week!

Scroll through this page to see more about how to get around camp, or select one of the topics below to jump to that section

The Map

This is the main page to help you get everywhere around camp.
The rope bordered buttons will help you navigate to the other major areas of camp:
Programs and Classes
Live events
The camp office for assistance
Evening activities
Fun areas around camp
And more!

Map Key

The following icons will appear on each page and can help you get to where you need to be!

Back to camp map Virtual Summer Camp Map Icon
This will take you back to the main camp map at any time when you click on it.

Virtual Camp Office
This will take you to our Camp Office, which will have some Frequently Asked Questions
and a place to submit any other questions/problems you may be experiencing.
Read through the FAQ’s before submitting a question to be sure we haven’t already answered your question.
We will have staff monitoring these submissions around our LIVE program events.

Rope Border Buttons
These rope border items will navigate you to different areas around camp.
They can take you to different program areas, activities, classes, or reveal something fun around camp!

Event or Location Icons
These are icons related to areas around camp or a live event happening.
Event Icons will be clickable to sign in to those events, while locations icons will be there for navigation/identification.

To sign into your program classes, you will need to go to your class on the map.
Simply click on the program list to see all of the different programs we are offering and find the ones you have signed up for.
Click on the sign in link for the period you are registered for and fill out the required information.
This will give you your meeting link for your program.
It is highly recommended that you bookmark that page so it is easy to find when you need it.
You will also receive an email with the link in it as another option.

To attend our live events, you can navigate to the Schedule page and click to sign in for those events.
This sign in will give you a link to use to enter the live event when it is scheduled to begin.
All live events other than the Monday-Wednesday evening activities are available to register for now.
The Monday-Wednesday night activities will be open each evening at 6:45p to join.

During your first session of each class, you will get information on requirements that will be worked on in class and others you can work on outside of class and submit.
Starting Wednesday at 4:30p, the submission link for each class will go live for you to turn in completed work for your merit badges.
You can do this by answering the questions for requirements in the link, upload photos or other proof of completion, or submit your Merit Badge Workbook through the submission options.
You will also receive information on Wednesday about accessing your blue cards and a report that will show your progress.

We have Scouts participating virtually from across the United States and Puerto Rico and we want to give everyone the chance to share their experience.
This can be during our virtual week of camp, or from past camp experiences you have had.
Simply go to the “Share your camp experience” button on the main map to submit your photos!