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Good News! The merit badge requirements everyone has been working on are being recorded by our amazing Summer Camp Staff and are accessible to you all through your registration!

Scouts will have through this Sunday at Noon to submit any work for credit towards their Merit Badges as needed.

Below is a quick walk through on where to find your reports that contain the merit badge information!


FIRST STEP – Log into your registration through You can Click here to get to the site below:

Enter required information and it will bring you to your registration. Click on the More Tab, then Reports.

That will bring you to the reports page:
The Unit advancement Detail report will give you a snapshot of what your Scout has completed during the week so far. Some classes may only have a few requirements completed prior to Scouts submitting additional work.

Blue card reports are listed here. Click on them and it wil download a pdf report that can be printed or saved electronically.


You will be able to download a PDF report with all of the blue cards with requirements completed listed on them! This can then be used to work with another counselor to complete the badge. If the badge is completed, there will be a counselor signature on it and you can submit that to your unit to log!

Scouts will have until Sunday at Noon to complete any merit badge work submissions for credit during this Virtual Summer Camp.
After noon on Sunday, our counselors will record the final submissions and the Blue cards will have all requirements updated by Tuesday morning. Any incomplete requirements will need to be continued with another Merit Badge counselor in your local area.