Use the buttons below to complete the required reading project to finish Requirement 6 for Reading Merit Badge ONLINE. All uploads must be completed by OCTOBER 15 to be counted for progress through our program. Scouts who are not able to upload their audio/video by October 15 must complete their badge with another Counselor in their local area.


1. Read 3 of the books linked below. Each Scout MUST use the book “Do Not Lick This Book*” and can then choose two other books from the links below. Read them two or three times (they are very short) and practice reading them out loud.

2. Read each book in front of a camera or a digital audio recording device (cell phone works well.). You may read it slowly and carefully…don’t worry if you make mistakes, just read it loudly and clearly and DO YOUR BEST. Video recordings should show you in UNIFORM with a neutral background (blank wall, etc.). Audio recordings should have minimal background noise. VIDEO FILE PREFERRED FILE TYPE: mp4. AUDEIO FILE PREFERRED TYPE: mp3. Other formats will be accepted.

3. Using the buttons below, UPLOAD each file using the correct button (each button is for a specific book.). Most file sizes are acceptable, but files larger than 2 GB may cause errors or take a long time.

4. You MUST read 3 books, and one of the books MUST be the first option linked below (“Do Not Lick This Book*”).


Do Not Lick This Book:
READ THE BOOK HERE: Do Not Lick This Book*

One Big Pair of Underwear:
READ THE BOOK HERE: One Big Pair of Underwear

The Rabbit Listened:
READ THE BOOK HERE: The Rabbit Listened

we don’t eat our CLASSMATES:

The Little Red Fort:
READ THE BOOK HERE: The Little Red Fort

NOTE: These PDF copies are for reference use ONLY by participating Scouts and cannot be reproduced, shared, or used for any other use than that outlined within the Reading Merit Badge Online program. Any reproduction or use of these scans beyond the guidelines of the class may be copyright violation.


If you chose to complete Requirement 6 using one of the other options, you may complete this form to confirm your completion. NOTE: This will require your Parent/Guardian to approve your work, so they must be available with you to confirm this work when completing the form.