Camp La-No-Che, world-famous for amazing facilities and unparalleled programming has done it again! Released just today, in a special preview of the 2019 Summer Camp Activities (coming April 15), is the newest offering at camp: the Tiny Stump Hike.

Campers will walk approximately 15 steps, stepping over at least one medium-sized puddle, to get there. Once there, Scouts and adults alike will have fun seeing if they can “hug” the miniature tree stump with only one hand or if they will need two.

“We are all really excited about this,” said Spencer Powell, veteran Staff Member who is afraid of water, mud, and walking in general. “When they said we could do this hike without getting wet or muddy, I just wanted to know where I can sign up!”

“As we work to innovate, we knew this would be an immediate hit,” said Mark Spencer, Summer Camp Director for La-No-Che. “Scouting is all about getting out of your comfort zone…and tiny tree stumps tend to make everyone a little uncomfortable. Right?”

Camp is only a couple months away from the start of “Summer 2019: A Jurassic Summer” and is looking forward to this TOTALLY FAKE APRIL FOOLS PROGRAM, along with dozens of other ACTUAL PROGRAMS & ACTIVITIES being offered for all Scouts attending any of 6 weeks of Summer Camp for Scouts BSA Troops (for boys and girls) and Venturing Crews.

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Want to see the REAL “Big Stump” hike? Check out this video: