FAQ – Cub Scout NOVA

How do I join the class each day?

You will be sent a link to the webinar each day of the class class via email. The first email comes from our registration system, subsequent emails for each days webinar will come from STEMConnetct. Please check your email AND your SPAM folder for these emails.

Can two (or more) Scouts use the same computer?

Yes! Each should register separately so we can track each Scouts progress, and they will submit their class work separately, but they may share a computer for each day’s session. They will each have a chance to mark themselves “present” during daily attendance.

How will I submit my work?

You will be given a link (via email) to a class page with a password to access it. This page will have buttons called “Session Reviews”. There will be one for each days’ classwork and they will be made “live” the day after each class session. If it is not live when you go to the page, please give it up to 24 hours after the class before notifying us of the issue. You will have up until the Friday the week following the end of the class to submit your work.

How will I know that work submitted was received?

Once any uploads have been completed, you will see a box that pops up telling you that it has been received and giving you the option to “Download PDF”. Choose this and then print it. This is a copy of the work you submitted.

It is suggested that you choose to download and print the PDF as you will NOT have the option to go back and do this another time.

At this time, the system only allows for one PDF document to be uploaded. If you have multiple PDF’s, please combine them into one and then submit. You can use this to combine files or choose another application like this one: https://smallpdf.com/merge-pdf/ FAQ – Cub Scout NOVA

What if I miss a class?

Not to worry! Remember that class page mentioned above? On that same page will be buttons labeled “Session Re-Cap”. This is were you can catch up on what was presented for each class. This button also is made “live” the morning after the class. If it is not live when you go to the page, please give it up to 24 hours after the class before notifying us of the issue.

Do we need a computer with a camera and microphone?

No. You simply need a computer with speakers. The sessions are hosted through a standard web browser (Chrome, Explorer, etc.); you will be able to see and hear the instructor. You will also be able to type questions using a “chat” field. There will be other interactive opportunities throughout the sessions, but none of them require a camera/microphone.

Are there any prerequisites?

No! Simple, right?!

How will Scouts get their confirmation of completion?

Our registration system (through Black Pug Software) helps us track everyone’s progress and provides a report that we will e-mail to each family after the NOVA class is complete. There are also Scoutbook files that can be downloaded for easy update of your Unit records.

How will Youth Protection and “no one-on-one contact” be maintained? Through a partnership with stemCONNECT, a local Florida company that connects schools with science experts around the globe, we are able to create a virtual classroom. That classroom, and its instructor, will be monitored by the stemCONNECT staff, guaranteeing a second adult overseeing all interactions. Youth will be in “view only” mode with limited interaction with each other.

I don’t live in Florida. Can I still participate?

Of course! The internet makes this possible for EVERYONE!

Speaking of Florida, that means the sessions are in EASTERN time, right?

Yes, all times listed are in EASTERN DAYLIGHT TIME (EDT). Please plan accordingly for Scouts in other time zones. FAQ – Cub Scout NOVA

Will we complete the ALL requirements to earn the NOVA Award?

Yes! If this is your first NOVA award, you will earn the patch. If it is your second or beyond, you will earn the pin. However, it is up to the Scout to complete any additional task/homework that may be given. Confirmation is completed through a variety of methods, including document uploads, photo sharing, and quizzes that will review and test important content. Instructions for this will be given after registration and during the course, but rest assured, it’s easy to do! The goal is to help Scouts complete 100% of the necessary requirements.

What supplies and/or equipment will I need to take the class?

The only supplies needed are paper, pen or pencil (or one of those really fancy feather plume pens – your choice), a computer and for some NOVA classes a camera/cell phone. Each day after class there will be some questions to answer online and you will upload a proof of work. Full links will be provided, and we will explain everything. So, you’ll need a computer and a camera/cell phone.

What about any trips that may be required?

Nope, zero, none. Except in our minds. In some classes, you might go on a virtual tour.

Will you be offering MORE NOVA Classes?

Yes! Plus, we are working on offering a few of the Cub Scout Adventures in the coming weeks! The same registration link, https://scoutingevent.com/083-OnlineCUB, will provide more classes. Please watch our FB page for more info as we will continue to add more learning opportunities for Cub Scouts.