In the interest of the health and safety of our Scouts and leaders, Central Florida Council continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation in Florida and worldwide. Following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC,) and national/state/local phased-approach to reopening, Camp La-No-Che is OPEN and accepting camper registrations.

November 1, 2021

As of July 2021, many BSA Camps around the country have had summer closures due to outbreaks of COVID-19 among campers and staff. We are still at risk…help us make sure Camp La-No-Che isn’t next!
Covid prevention takes work from all of us, and your participation is important. Multiple layers of COVID-19 mitigation are still critical. Please consider the following lessons learned from other Councils’ COVID-19 incidents as you attend a future program at Camp and do your part to help:

In an effort to keep offering programming at a high level through fall and winter 2021, Central Florida Council & Camp La-No-Che is RECOMMENDING masks while INDOORS on Council property. Areas where masking is recommended include all buildings, including Activity Shelters and Cabins in Campsites. Scouts and Scouters are ENCOURAGED to wear masks while OUTDOORS as well, especially when 6 feet of distance cannot be maintained. Staff may request masks to be worn at any time during your stay. Please remember that a SCOUT IS OBEDIENT and abide by staff and volunteer requests in a COURTEOUS manner. HELP KEEP CAMP SAFE AND OPEN!

• As Scouts and Scouters prepare to attend camp, remind them of the importance of “behavioral quarantine” before and after camp attendance. This means limiting participation in large events outside of their family unit prior to camp.

• Emphasize repeatedly throughout the camp session that anyone who feels ill must report to the health area. At least three incidents last month (in other Councils) were known to the unit midweek but not reported until post camp.

• Following your assigned group/cohort is critical in minimizing the impact of a positive COVID-19 individual to unvaccinated staff and other participants. 

• Vaccinated individuals are still at risk to contract COVID-19 and should practice mitigation layers as appropriate. That includes distancing and masking as outlined above.

• While local and State guidelines may vary, Camp La-No-Che still asks that all campers bring a proper face covering. See notations above regarding masking policies.

• All Scouting activities being held OFF COUNCIL PROPERTY, including Unit Meetings, should continue to follow local/state/national recommendations and/or any expectations set by the host location/charter org. If events or groups do not have adequate guidance from any of those sources, they should be encouraged to adopt the Camp Policy.

Please help us by reminding your Scouts and Scouters that A SCOUT IS OBEDIENT and please follow these guidelines for the safety of you, your Scouts, and our Camp.


• Camp sanitation protocols remain unchanged. Unit leadership will be briefed on camper expectations are a Leader Meeting after arrival at all events and activities. At Camp La-No-Che, supplies will be available in each Campsite and Program Areas for cleaning purposes.
• Camp La-No-Che Gate access is being opened from 8 am to 8 pm on most days, unless event check in requires a closed gate process. Attendees, visitors, and guests must follow the directions on signage upon arrival and check in at the Office or as directed.
• Temperature checks have been suspended (May 2021). Camper health monitoring should be managed by Unit and Event leadership.
•Masks are available free of charge from all Camp Staff and personnel.

Covid-19 policies NOT addressed in the detailed update above should be considered in effect until further notice. For additional guidance and expectations review the following Guides previously published by the Central Florida Council:

COVID-19 Year-Round Camping Guide

Camp La-No-Che COVID-19 Prescreening & Agreement Form:
All campers (youth and adult) MUST review and complete this form. Campers may complete the two-page form ON PAPER (download and print form below) or ONLINE (use the “Online Submission” button. Paper copies must be turned in upon arrival; online submissions will be noted in our database and confirmed with you upon arrival.


Download & Print COVID-19 Form COVID-19 Form Online Submission