We are the volunteer Campmaster Corps for Camp La-No-Che, serving the Central Florida Council, BSA. We provide service to camp in three main areas: check-in services, customer services, and maintenance services.

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CHECK-IN SERVICES: When campers arrive at weekend campouts and/or resident programs, Campmasters offer registration and administrative support, including basic check-in services and health and safety checks as needed. Campmasters are often the first (and last) group a camper interacts with at Camp.


CUSTOMER SERVICES: Throughout their stay, campers can expect Campmasters to assist in a number of ways in an effort to keep them safe and provide unparalleled service. This can include safety talks, policy review, program support, and site inspections, all intended to make a camper’s stay a great experience.


MAINTENANCE SERVICES: While campers are not at camp, Campmasters are often still at work keeping Camp La-No-Che grounds and facilities in top shape. Whether procuring supplies, managing camp improvements, are providing basic maintenance support with our Rangers, Campmasters are a vital part of keeping Camp going!


If you have ever thought “Camp could be better if they only…” then the Campmaster Corps may be the place for you! We welcome new volunteers of any skill level or interest. There are plenty of upcoming events that need Scouter support and plenty of projects that need enthusiastic and excited volunteers to work on! There is not a cost to join or to volunteer for a weekend. The only requirement for all volunteers is valid BSA Youth Protection Training.


Apply to become a member of the Campmaster Corps today! https://camplanoche.com/campmaster-apply/


For any questions please reach out to Chipper Stempkowski, Program Specialist at (407) 703-0275 or cstemp@campLNC.com